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Messy, silly, sometimes cranky, but fun chapter. But as a mom myself, I am afraid to blink because I could miss my 3 angels growing up and find them heading out of the next onto college. Time goes by quickly & we forget to slowdown, take time to put on our best faces and smiles, & allow someone to capture our families' personality for us (cough so mom can be in them too!) That is where you want to trust that the photographer you choose, will not only photograph smiles, but also the candid, sweet moments that make family life such a joy. A little boy climbing trees, a baby crawling, a little girl dancing, a cool teenager grin, a couple embracing their children- these moments can be captured in a 1 hour session, maybe even in 30 minutes if you have little ones. For me, I like to tell my family clients that our session is an "Adventure" that we let the kids lead, for everyone's sake! Let me capture the little things for you to cherish for years to come.